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WYD 2008

world youth day


This is the first time World Youth Day will be hosted in Oceania. It is an opportunity for the Church of New Zealand and of this entire region to participate in and be renewed by WYD in a way never before experienced. This event will call upon the entire Catholic community to step forward and share their potential with each other and with the international community.

World Youth Day is actually a series of events culminating with the final mass to be held Sunday July 20, 2008 in Sydney. There are three distinct parts to WYD that we will be directly covering in our preparation and organising:

Pilgrimage - Days in Sydney

'The pilgrimage' of young people aged 16-35 to Sydney in July 2008. We are aiming to have a large number of pilgrims attend from New Zealand. Young people fundraising, working and preparing for a pilgrimage such as this will have a profound and lasting effect on our parishes and schools.

Days in the Diocese

Hosting 'Days in the Diocese'. Alongside our young people taking part is the opportunity for our pastoral areas, parishes and schools to host young people from every continent journeying towards Sydney. Until now DiD have remained the privilege solely of the host country; it is a gift that we can share this responsibility with Australia in 2008.
Journey of the Cross and Icon

This hit our shores in June 2007, and inspired us on the road towards Sydney as it travelled throughout our land. See details of this pilgrimage on the Daily Journal of the JCI as it moved from South to North.

While there is a lot to be done in preparation, these events will have a significant and lasting benefit for all of us in our community. See what's happening in your diocese or if you are a visitor to NZ connect to your diocese of choice

World Youth Day 2008
It's going to be BIG – Be in!


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24 August 2007

GMB ATTACK BINTULU.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GMB tiba di airport bintulu

01 August 2007


kawan-kawan aku masa cell group kat rumah spincer.

30 July 2007

inilah peserta AF30......heheheh. FIAT YOUTH band boy.......

inilah kawan kamek nok udah pindah pegi......ke LADANG PEKAKA.

ni orang tengah makan pun nak ambik gambar............cis........